6 secrets about a country singer and songwriter Cody Johnson

Cody Johnson is no stranger to success, having achieved two number one albums on the Billboard Country Albums chart with his 2017 release of Gotta Be Me and his 2018 album Ain’t Nothin’ to It. His career began in 2006 when he signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, where he released two Top 40 singles. In addition to being an accomplished musician, Johnson is also a talented songwriter. He has written or co-written songs for superstars like Alan Jackson, Lee Brice, Trace Adkins and many more.

Some lesser known secrets about Cody Johnson include his love of all things cowboy culture—from horses, rodeo circuits and country music festivals—to western wear as evidenced by him always appearing in his signature boots and hat. He even has a YouTube channel where he shares cowboy culture tips and tricks.

Another interesting fact is that Johnson believes in giving back to his community whenever possible, having established the Cody Johnson Bandwagon Foundation in 2016, which provides financial assistance for music programs at public schools throughout Texas. The cause is close to his heart, as he himself was educated in a public school system.

He also has a diverse musical taste, drawing inspiration from genres such as hip hop, heavy metal and punk—not just country music. This can be heard in some of his songs like “Diamonds & Daughters” (2016) which has elements of alternative rock blended with traditional country sounds.

Finally, Johnson is an accomplished actor and producer—his film debut was in the 2016 movie The Cowboy Way: Alabama, which he also scored. He has since gone on to act and produce other projects like his 2020 Netflix series The Cowboy Way: New Mexico.

Cody Johnson is a true triple threat—singer-songwriter, actor, and producer—who continues to achieve success in multiple different arenas. His dedication to country music, cowboy culture and giving back makes him a unique and inspiring artist who brings something special to the world of music. He’s definitely one multi-talented star you should keep an eye on!












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