Top 10 Secrets About Hank Green

Hank Green is no stranger to the spotlight. From his YouTube channel “Vlogbrothers” to his numerous book releases, his rise to fame began more than a decade ago and has yet to show signs of stopping. As one of the most recognizable personalities in online media, Hank Green has cultivated an impressive following and amassed considerable success along the way. But what secrets lie behind this popular entertainer? Here are our top 10 secrets about Hank Green:

1. His first project was not Vlogbrothers – it was a blog titled “Brotherhood 2.0” that he created with his brother, John. The blog quickly gained popularity and led him to create their joint YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers.

2. He is a published author, having written several books including An Absolutely Remarkable Thing and Turtles All the Way Down.

3. Hank Green has his own record label called DFTBA Records, which releases music by popular YouTubers such as Boyinaband and mememolly.

4. He co-created VidCon with his brother John in 2009, an annual convention for video creators that now attracts over 30,000 people annually.

5. He used to be an environmental activist while he was still in college and even worked on the team for former President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008.

6. In addition to publishing books, writing music and creating videos, Hank Green is also a video game developer.

7. He appeared in an episode of the popular show The Big Bang Theory in 2013, playing himself as a fictionalized version of his character from Vlogbrothers.

8. Hank Green is also a data scientist, having worked with companies such as Google and Spotify to analyze data related to user experience and consumer trends.

9. In 2019, he launched the educational platform “Crash Course” which provides free online courses on topics ranging from biology to history.

10. Finally, Hank Green is a big advocate for mental health awareness and has spoken openly about his own struggles with depression and anxiety over the years. He previously founded Project for Awesome, an annual charity livestream that raises money for various causes.

These are just a few of the secrets about Hank Green that may have slipped under the radar, but which prove him to be an incredible and multifaceted entertainer, entrepreneur, activist, and more. From his humble beginnings to his ongoing success today, it is clear that Hank Green has left his mark on the world of online media and beyond!






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