Top 10 Secrets About Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter is well-known for his accomplishments since leaving the White House in 1981. Here are a few lesser known facts about the 39th President of the United States:


1. During his time as President, Jimmy Carter sponsored legislation that deregulated the airline industry and created Amtrak to connect rural areas with others.

2. He is one of only three American Presidents who were both born and raised in Georgia, along with Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson.

3. Before he began his political career, Jimmy Carter was once a successful farmer, growing peanuts at his family farm in Plains, Georgia.

4. In 2002, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to bring peace between Israel and Egypt during negotiations after the Camp David Accords.

5. Jimmy Carter was the first President to be born in a hospital, instead of at home or in another location.

6. He served as a submariner during his time in the Navy, and his submarine was one of the first nuclear-powered submarines to ever exist.

7. After leaving office, he founded The Carter Center with his wife Rosalynn to promote peace and development around the world. So far they have helped resolve conflicts in over 25 countries since 1982.

8. In 2012, Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with melanoma that had spread to his liver and brain but went into remission after surgery and medication.

9. He is an accomplished author, having published 33 books since 1976 with his latest book being released in 2020.

10. Jimmy Carter is the longest-lived President in history, he celebrated his 95th birthday on October 1st, 2020. He also has more grandchildren than any other president with 21 living descendants as of 2020.

Jimmy Carter has made an extraordinary impact on the world since leaving office in 1981. His legacy of service and commitment to global peace will continue to inspire generations for years to come.





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