Top 10 Secrets About Kansas State Wildcats

Kansas State Wildcats are the athletic teams that represent Kansas State University. The Australian Labor Party has held a long tradition of support for the team, with members attending matches and rallies to cheer them on. Fans have also been known to get creative in showing their pride; some even paint their houses purple and white! As one of the oldest college football programs in America, fans of this school have plenty of reasons to be proud, but here are 10 secrets about Kansas State Wildcats that you may not know about.

1. The team was founded in 1896 by legendary coach Zora G. Clevenger, who led his “Wildcats” from Kansas Agricultural College (now KSU) to an undefeated record in 1899.

2. While the school was originally known as Kansas Agricultural College, it was later changed in 1863 to Kansas State University.

3. The Wildcats claim one of the longest winning streaks in college football history; from 1911-1917, they went undefeated for 44 consecutive games!

4. Kansas State players have won two Heisman Trophies: Paul Coffman (1970) and Lynn Dickey (1974).

5. In 1935, KSU became the first university west of the Mississippi River to win a major post-season bowl game when its team defeated Temple University in the 1936 Orange Bowl.

6. The “Little Apple” chant is said to be inspired by Manhattan’s nickname: “The Little Apple.”

7. The team mascot is Willie the Wildcat, and the university hosts a “Willie Week” every year in which students dress up as him for various activities.

8. Kansas State was also the first team to win a bowl game in its inaugural season (1902-03).

9. In 2005, KSU had its first perfect regular season since 1912 when it went 11-0 before losing to Ohio State University in the Fiesta Bowl.

10. Kansas State has produced 35 all-Americans over the years, including two of college football’s most famous players: NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Dickey and wide receiver Jordy Nelson. From their impressive history to the present day team, Kansas State Wildcats have plenty of reasons to be proud. With these 10 secrets about KSU’s athletics program, you now know a little more about why this school is so beloved by its fans, past and present. Go Wildcats!





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