Top 10 Secrets About Mike Pence

Mike Pence, the current Vice President of the United States, is no stranger to sports. As governor of Indiana, he was an avid supporter of women’s basketball and attended several games as well as hosting championship ceremonies at his residence. While many know Pence for his political career, few know some of the secrets behind his involvement in women’s basketball.

One secret about Mike Pence is that he always made sure to sit near players from Indiana during games. He often looked out for local players and had a special fondness for female athletes from the Hoosier state. This attention paid off when members of Purdue University’s 2016 NCAA championship team visited him at the Governor’s Residence after their big win.

Another secret is that Mike Pence was always willing to lend a hand when it came to helping teams in need. He donated $150,000 to help fund the Indiana Fever’s WNBA team and he also provided financial help to the University of Notre Dame’s women’s basketball program. Additionally, he helped provide transportation for several college teams who needed assistance getting to away games.

Finally, a third secret about Mike Pence is that he served as honorary coach for several women’s basketball teams throughout his time as governor. At these events he often gave advice to players on how best to approach their game and offered words of motivation and encouragement. This showed his commitment not only to the sport but also his dedication to youth athletics and development.

These are just some of the secrets behind Mike Pence’s involvement with women’s basketball, further exemplifying his commitment to promoting sports and fostering positive relationships with athletes.






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