Top 10 Secrets About New York Rangers

New York Rangers is one of the most storied teams in the National Hockey League. The team has a rich history, having been founded in 1926 and playing its first season that same year. Here are some lesser-known secrets about this legendary hockey club:

1. In their first season, the Rangers wore blue sweaters with red trim to match their colors. This unique design was so popular it became known as “the Broadway Blueshirts” and was used by the team until they changed to white uniforms in 1948.

2. The Rangers were originally owned by Tex Rickard, a former boxing promoter who also helped found Madison Square Garden (MSG). He was instrumental in getting MSG built and it’s still the home of the Rangers today.

3. The team’s first captain was Frank Boucher, a Hall of Fame player who won seven Stanley Cups with the club. He led New York to its first championship in 1928 and is considered by many to be the greatest Ranger ever.

4. While they’ve had plenty of success over the years, including five Stanley Cup victories, their most famous moment came in 1994 when they won “The Curse of 1940” and finally lifted “the curse” that had been placed on them 54 years earlier.

5. For most of their history, the Rangers have been associated with one particular song: “New York, New York,” which has become so closely associated with the team that it’s played after every Rangers goal at MSG.

6. The Rangers have retired a total of eight numbers in honor of their most distinguished players, including Rod Gilbert (7), Mark Messier (11), Adam Graves (9) and Brian Leetch (2).

7. In 2009, the Rangers signed Marian Gaborik to an enormous seven-year contract, making him the highest paid player in franchise history at that time.

8. The club also set a record for attendance when they sold out all 41 home games during the 2011–12 season.

9. Before moving to MSG, the team played its home games at Madison Square Garden III which was built in 1925.

10. The Rangers have a strong rivalry with their cross-town rivals, the New York Islanders, which began in 1972 when the two teams first faced off against each other. This is one of the most intense rivalries in all of sports and has resulted in some heated matchups over the years. Even though they may be division rivals, both sides share a deep respect for one another and it shows on the ice every time they meet up.

These are just some of the secrets that can be found within this historic team’s history – there are plenty more to discover! So if you’re interested in learning more about one of hockey’s greatest franchises, now you know where to start your research. Go Rangers!





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