Top 10 Secrets About NFL Draft 2023

NFL Draft 2023 is shaping up to be one of the most interesting drafts in recent memory. With many teams making moves over the past few months, and with a variety of talented players coming out of college football this year, it’s likely that some unexpected picks are going to happen on draft day. Here are the top 10 secrets about NFL Draft 2023:

1. A number of highly-praised prospects have dropped out of contention recently, leaving room for under-the-radar players to make a splash in the first round.

2. Teams with multiple first round picks could look to package them together in order to trade up for an elite talent or move down in exchange for additional picks later on.

3. Franchise quarterbacks could be in high demand, as teams are looking for their signal callers of the future.

4. There will likely be a few surprises on draft night, as teams look to make bold moves to fill their biggest needs.

5. Trade rumors have been swirling around numerous franchises as they look to acquire higher picks or additional players.

6. Talent evaluators are divided this year on some of the top prospects; it is unclear which ones will become superstars and which ones will fizzle out in the NFL.

7. Not all star college athletes will make good pros, so teams must do their due diligence when evaluating talent before making any decisions on draft day.

8. The number of offensive linemen taken in the first round could be higher than usual due to the need for protection in today’s pass-happy NFL.

9. Teams may also look to beef up their defensive lines and secondary by drafting multiple players at those positions on day one as well.

10. Even though this is an unpredictable draft, there are still a few surefire bets when it comes to who will go where in the first round. With all that in mind, it’s going to be an exciting ride leading up to NFL Draft 2023! Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to draft day!

Happy drafting!





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