Top 10 Secrets About Shark attack Egypt

Shark attack Egypt is a destination that many people may not realize has some of the highest rates of shark attacks in the world. Here are ten secrets about this dangerous spot that anyone considering visiting should know:

1. Sharks have been spotted as far south as Suez and Ismailia. Although there is no guarantee you will see one on your vacation, it’s worth noting they do exist in these areas.

2. If you do go swimming, make sure to avoid any reef or seagrass beds; these are favorite hiding spots for sharks.

3. Most attacks occur at dawn or dusk, so if possible you should try to swim during the day when visibility is higher and more other swimmers are around which makes it easier to spot potential danger.

4. If you’re worried about a possible shark attack, look for lifeguards or beach patrol patrols in the area before getting in the water.

5. Sharks are attracted to areas with abundant food sources; avoid swimming near known fishing spots as this may draw sharks closer to shore.

6. Be aware that surface waters can be cooler than the ocean depths which means there may be more sharks lurking below; if you see any dark shadows beneath you, get out of the water immediately.

7. Wearing a wet suit is not recommended when swimming in shark-infested waters; they make you more visible and therefore an easier target for predators looking for a meal.

8. Sharks can sense electromagnetic fields which means they are more likely to attack when there are strong currents or storms near shore; try to stick close to the shoreline in order to reduce your risk of being attacked.

9. While it may be tempting, do not attempt to touch any sharks you see in the water; this is a sure way to invite an attack.

10. The best way to stay safe from shark attacks in Egypt is by following the advice of local authorities and staying out of waters where sightings have been reported. This will help ensure you enjoy your vacation without incident.





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