TOP 10 Secrets about Sopranos

Sopranos is one of the most iconic and beloved TV series of all time. This series has been the recipient of countless awards, including 21 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards. To celebrate its immense popularity, here are 10 secrets about The Sopranos you probably didn’t know before.

  1. Some of the actors had actually worked with James Gandolfini on other projects prior to being cast as characters in the show. For example, Lorraine Bracco (Dr. Melfi) had worked with Gandolfini on the Broadway production of A Streetcar Named Desire before being cast as a series regular in Sopranos.
  2. The show was originally planned to be set in Long Island, but eventually moved to New Jersey because of the tax incentives provided by the state.
  3. The show’s writers came up with the Mafia theme because they wanted to explore a “working-class story” and believed that the world of organized crime provided them with an interesting setting.
  4. During filming, James Gandolfini insisted on using real weapons instead of fake ones for scenes involving Tony Soprano and his gangsters.
  5. The show’s opening sequence was filmed in an actual Bada Bing! strip club in New Jersey.
  6. Many of the characters had their own catchphrases – Tony’s was “I’m gonna’ whack him”.
  7. Some of the actors on the show were related to real-life mobsters, including Joe Gannascoli (Vito Spatafore), who was related to a Gambino crime family member.
  8. Joe Pantoliano (Ralph Cifaretto) is the only actor to have appeared in all six seasons of the show.
  9. The show featured some prominent guest stars over its run, including Ben Kingsley and Steve Buscemi.
  10. The show was nominated for a total of 111 Emmy Awards, winning 21 of them.

The Sopranos is a timeless classic with an incredibly dedicated fan base. Its hard-hitting story lines and unforgettable characters have earned the series a place in television history. It’s no wonder why it continues to be one of the most beloved shows ever made.

The impact of The Sopranos is still felt in pop culture today, with many modern shows citing it as an influence. From the style to the characters, this show will remain a classic for years to come. Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that its legacy will live on forever.

If you want to dive deeper into the world of The Sopranos, there are plenty of books and documentaries that explore the show in more detail. There’s also a Tribute Museum dedicated to the beloved series located in New Jersey. It features props, costumes and other artifacts from all six seasons, giving fans an even deeper look at the making of this iconic show.






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